Gran Paradiso Film Festival

Photo credits: Ubaldo Mantegazza - Archivio FGP

Entries are now re-open for the 20th edition of the Gran Paradiso Film Festival

A bridge to the Park: two days to live the spirit of Introd - 20 and 21 August

New rendez-vous with the 20 GPFF: a discovery of nature and the mine, a reflection about job - 23 August

15-17 July: "Genius loci e genius saeculi del Gran Paradiso", launching 20° GPFF

The 20 GPFF launched with the event “Genius loci e genius saeculi del Gran Paradiso” - 15-17 July

Gran Paradiso Film Festival hosted by CinemAmbiente with "Alexandre, fils de berger"

Carta delle valli del Gran Paradiso

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