Gran Paradiso Film Festival

24-29 August 2015
Film in concorso 2015
Il XIX Gran Paradiso Film Festival in una clip
19° GPFF - Foto archivio FGP

Natural world: the bat man of Mexico wins the 19° Stambecco d’Oro Trophy – Fondazione CRT Award

Carlo Ratti - Foto archivio FGP

The 19 edition of the Gran Paradiso Film Festival towards its conclusion

Il più piccolo giurato di Rhêmes-Saint-Georges - Foto archivio FGP

The list of winners of the prizes for the jury of the audience

Luisa Vuillermoz e Francesco Bonami - Foto archivio FGP

Great films and important guests at the Gran Paradiso Film Festival

Foto di Tiziana Dalla Zanna - archivio FGP

The 19 edition of the GPFF started with the signature of the Gran Paradiso valleys Charter and music by L'Orage

Cerimonia di apertura 19° GPFF - Foto Archivio FGP

Five hundred people attended the concert of L'Orage

Carta delle valli del Gran Paradiso

Sign the "Gran Paradiso valleys Charter" and share your ideas!