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Yukon, Un Rêve Blanc

Mathieu Le Lay - France | 2021 | 52'
“In love with images and the cold, the wildlife photographer Jérémie Villet travels alone through the white deserts of the northern hemisphere with his pulka and his telephoto lens, looking for animals that survive in extreme cold.
During his upcoming expedition in the Canadian North, Jérémie is about to explore the wild and extreme Yukon region, with the ultimate goal of photographing the legendary mountain goat. The difficulty of access to the mountain territories where this animal evolves and the freezing temperatures will make the task challenging.
Carried by adventures and unique human and animal encounters, this documentary allows us to enter the photographer’s intimacy and to approach with delicacy this changing world.”

My garden of a thousand bees

David Allen - United Kingdom | 2021 | 52'
A story of surprise and revelation, filmed and narrated by Martin Dohrn. Acclaimed wildlife filmmaker Martin Dohrn is bee obsessed. Seeking refuge from the pandemic in a small city garden he is filming the wild bees that live there with mind-blowing results. From giant bumblebees to scissor bees the size of a mosquito, he has seen over 60 species of bee. But more importantly, he is developing a close relationship with an individual bee he follows through its entire life.

Wild Australia: After The Fires

Cian O'Clery - Australia | 2020 | 50'
“Australia’s fauna has a long, impressive history of surviving on the driest inhabited continent on Earth. Fire is a force that has shaped the nature of Australia.
However, as the last bushfire season has made brutally clear, climate change is shifting everything. After the worst bushfires in recorded history, the toll on the Australia’s unique wildlife has been nothing short of calamitous. Three billion animals were killed or displaced as an area the size of England went up in flames.
The fires of Australia’s Black Summer are now recognised as the worst wildlife disaster in modern history. But the tragedy has also set the nation on the path to put meaningful protections in place to conserve its rare and irreplaceable creatures.
Following hard-working carers, dedicated scientists and passionate volunteers, we chart the ecological recovery of Australia, through stories of hope, human intervention and resilience. In the year that follows the fires, life slowly returns to the scorched bushlands of Australia.
The film provides an urgent message to safeguard our environment and bring about the necessary intervention required to maintain biodiversity on our hotter, more fiery planet, before it is too late. “

Le clan des marmottes

Véronique, Anne e Erik Lapied - France | 2021 | 62'
“With its plump figure and amusing behaviour, the marmot is one of the most representative and beloved animals of the Alps. The film tells the story of a young male marmot over four years. Vigilant, irascible, gregarious, cunning and gluttonous – he will become the dominant of the clan.

He will have to leave his family and fend off attacks from foxes, eagles and wolves.

Predators, prey, forces of nature, spectacular, at times hostile mountain environments… The journey begins among the most stunning flowery meadows in the world…”

The Elephant & the Termite

Mark Deeble & Victoria Stone - Kenya - United Kingdom | 2021 | 50'
Together, elephants and termites create waterholes. This is the remarkable story of the relationship between Africa’s largest and smallest and the unique waterhole community they support. It is the story of a seasonal African waterhole in southern Kenya as never seen before – from the perspective of a cast of animal characters that live at elephant toe-nail height. It is a story of intrigue, dependency and their struggle to survive and raise families before their world turns to dust.


Laurent Geslin - Switzerland - France | 2021 | 82'
In the heart of the Jura mountains, a call echoes through the forest. The silhouette of a boreal lynx creeps through the pine trees. A male is looking for its female. Suddenly a call is answering. Here is the beginning of the story of a lynx’s family we are going to follow over the seasons. If it is rare to come across this discreet feline, it is exceptional to discover its daily life in the wild.

Ogni volta che il lupo

Marco Andreini - Italy | 2022 | 54'
A chance encounter with a wolf pup kindles the hope of filming this controversial animal in its natural environment.

In its initial form, the documentary was intended to be a portrayal of the central Apennines from the point of view of one of its most contentious protagonists. From the Apennines the wolf has made a spectacular comeback to much of Italy and beyond. In the last few decades, however, this virtually invisible animal has been increasingly spotted and photographed. Narrated in the first person, the film explores our attitude towards the wild, our attraction to it and our distancing from it. For those who wish to immerse themselves in the world of the wolf, the only way is to take a difficult path in the opposite direction to the one our lives are taking.

La quête du silence

Julien Gueraud - France | 2021 | 50'
Boris Jollivet, an acoustic ecologist, with whom we travel through remote areas so as to know whether there are still silent zones in France, zones where the noise of men is not heard any longer.

Big Bend: The Wild Frontier of Texas

John Murray - Ireland - USA | 2020 | 51'
Showcasing the natural magic of the Earth’s most talked about frontier, ‘Big Bend’ explores an extraordinary part of the border between the United States and Mexico – a vast unspoiled wonderland of serene beauty and astounding desert landscapes which are home to some of North America’s most enchanting animals.


Fathollah Amiri - Iran | 2019 | 49'
“This documentary film is the story of the only remaining Asiatic cheetah families in the world. Families whose fate is not awaiting them…
Asiatic Cheetah and cheetah conservationists, both have a complicated situation in Iran these days!
Asiatic Cheetah with a population of less than 50, is on the border of extinction.
The Asiatic cheetah has been extinct in all of Asia except Iran.”