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CortoNatura 23° GPFF

Life on the Rocks

George Pretty - UK | 2020 | 19’
At the mouth of the Firth of Forth sits and ancient volcanic island, home to the world’s largest colony of Gannets; The Bass Rock. For three years from 1960, June Nelson and her late husband Bryan called it their home, intimately studying the birds and their behaviours. June reflects on their time together and the catastrophic loss of global seabird populations in the years since.

Everything is broccoli

Kate Wallace -UK | 2020 | 10’
A short film meditating on the connectedness of everything through fractals.

Plastic River

Manuel Camia - Italy | 2019 | 14’
Plastic River is a documentary focused on the annual commitment of Tiberio, an Italian man who goes kayaking in the lakes and rivers of Lombardy, cleaning them from plastic waste. Our intent is to enhance the beauty of these areas and to stimulate awareness among viewers, showing them the purity and elegance of this natural places in contrast to the degradation caused by pollution and environmental disengagement. We chose to tell Tiberio’s journey in its own semplicity. We tried to explore a huge topic by telling a simple story, intertwining scientific information with the personal path of a man and his experiences. An archaeologist of the ordinary who recovers the sad traces that we, as human beings, are leaving on the entire planet.

The Silent forests

James Bateman - UK | 2020 | 21’
On the Pacific Island of Guam, a man-made ecological disaster has been building for the past 70 years. When a non-native species was accidentally introduced to the island in the 1950s, a chain of events was set in motion that has led to the near complete erasure of Guam’s native forest birds. For the past 30 years, agencies across the island have been fighting tirelessly to prevent this tragic fate from being repeated elsewhere. But for the island itself, restoring these once thriving jungle habitats to their former glory is a seemingly impossible task.


Julien Deper - Belgium | 2019 | 5’

I have never seen the trees dance, but I have imagined it. Like in the strange fairy tales of my childhood, I set off, dressed by the wind. This is a dance for the trees, made of words and honey-coloured rays.

Painted Ladies

Megan Brown -UK| 2020 | 10’
One of nature’s most extraordinary journeys begins with a tiny blue egg. The film will take you on a journey with the creature inside this blue egg as it undergoes the most mysterious transformation found in nature; metamorphosis.