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CortoNatura 25° GPFF

Lo Combat

Gaël Truc - Italy | 2021 | 15'
In a snowy and cold winter night a young novice veterinarian has to fight against the unexpected adversity of life to demonstrate to herself and to a gruff and old mountain farmer of being able to carry out her mission: give birth to the beloved Bufera, cow queen of the stable. It is a matter of life or death.

Water Colour

Joe Davies - United Kingdom | 2022 | 18'
The Sound of Jura in Scotland is under threat from destructive scallop dredging and fish farming. Can Jane Smith, a local wildlife artist, raise awareness for the plight of this ecosystem through her artwork before it’s too late?

Il mio vicino è un orso

Mattia Cialoni - United Kingdom | 2020 | 16'
My Neighbour is a Bear
A rare Marsican bear family wanders down from the Italian Apennines to the charming village of Villalago, looking for food in the local orchards. For most people this might arouse concern, but for the residents of Villalago it is a rather different story.

Le Grand Marais

Clara e Thibaut Lacombe - France | 2021 | 31'
Follow a group who protect the biggest mountain marsh known in the Alps. All their stories are
interdependent: human beings, mountain owls, badgers and dragonflies living side by side.

Quand les hirondelles s'en vont

Sèbastien Pins - Belgium | 2022 | 19'
In a small rural village, a young boy befriends Fernand and Andrée, a farmer couple who, at 80 years old, find themselves at trouble feeding their remaining livestock. The boy doubles his efforts to helps them but can’t avoid the inevitable : they are forced to take the terrible decision to first give up their donkey, than their cherished cows, sold to the livestock-market.