Jerry van de Beek, Betsy De Fries - USA | 2021 | 7’
In the summer of 1988, a dry lightning strike caused a fire in the arid and drought-stricken Yellowstone Park, igniting flames that devoured an area of more than 1.5 million acres. Song of Fire, the narrative poem that guides the animated story YELLOWSTONE 88, reconstructs this devastation, which raged into winter.


Paolo Sodi - Italy | 2023 | 7'
An intimate and personal short film about a ‘typical’ day of a photographer, who as a child discovered the mysterious beauty of the Casentino Forests, inspired by an encounter with a man who would prove to be fundamental to his life. The ancient beech forest is his ideal place; it is here that he comes to know and recognise himself.

Beavers about town

Yaz Ellis, Jack Mifflin - Austria | 2022 | 9’
The city of Vienna is home to more than 230 beavers, including a special family, the protagonist of this film. We follow them as they grapple with the urban world, which has become their home. They swim daily among humans, use empty boats as places to relax. Beavers like this have never been seen.

L'amore e la cura

Joseph Péaquin - Italy | 2022 | 20'
Martha and Matilde are two sisters born and raised in Gressoney-Saint-Jean. After university, they decided from nothing to start an agro-pastoral activity in the mountains. A story of free and passionate women fighting for a model of agriculture centred on respect for nature and love for animals.


Joel Penner, Anna Sigrithur - Canada | 2022 | 19’
A stunning visual exploration of matter in various stages of microbial transformation prompts us to ask profound questions about the complex relationship our culture has with other species.


Dominique Mertens - Belgium | 2022 | 4’
Interpreted as a comic strip, this surprisingly dynamic production reveals the dogged dance of the kingfisher.


Harko Wubs , Stefan Demming - Netherlands, Germany | 2022 | 9’
From the darkest dungeons of society, five pigs from an intensive pig farm are chosen to live in the Pig Brother’s house. The public’s favourite specimen will be saved, the others will go to slaughter. How will they cope with this adventure?