The Festival

Gran Paradiso Film Festival

Created in 1984, the Gran Paradiso Film Festival is an international festival dedicated to nature cinema and one of the most important cinema-related events held in the Aosta Valley Autonomous Region. The purpose of the Festival is to contribute to the wider circulation of nature cinema, to the furthering of knowledge of the naturalistic heritage and to the growth of respect for the environment. It takes place against the splendid backdrop of the Gran Paradiso, established in 1922 to protect the ibex. It is indeed within the majestic mountain scenarios of the Park that this Festival dedicated to Nature found its perfect location by stimulating creativity and researching for a quality cultural offer.
Natura 2017-06-17 Giardino Botanico Alpino Paradisia - Foto Stefania Tron25


Arte e spettacolo 2017-07-24 Cerimonia di apertura

Art and entertainment


International Competition

Open to international feature films and medium-length films dedicated to nature, the International Competition aims at promoting a wider knowledge of the natural and environmental features of the whole world also through cinema.


Open to international short fiction films, short animated films or short documentaries dedicated to nature, the CortoNatura section aims at promoting audiovisual production related to Nature and increasing youth participation to the festival.

De Rerum Natura

The DE RERUM NATURA events cycles offer food for thought and opportunities of deepening on choices dictated by the modern world, with leading figures in the Italian cultural panorama.

Aria di Festival

The ARIA DI FESTIVAL events cycles are pleasant moments of meeting through the discovery of places, histories and natural beauties of the territory.


"Equilibrium is the effort to recognise the good in each other"

Luciano Violante


"Every action has a consequence; there are no shortcuts to fatigue; one must not fear what does not understand, but must study it; one must strive to be fair even to those who do not deserve it. This is the ecological transition."

Roberto Cingolani


"The mountain teaches us humility, the team spirit that is indispensable for roping, the need for preparation and training. But also a sense of challenge. In the mountains, as in Medicine and Biomedical Research, there is always a "beyond": the health of patients, the education of new generations, the sharing of discoveries with poor countries. The challenge is to cross the unknown, in the service of health and the common good."

Alberto Mantovani


"We are living in a historical moment. With its dramas, the Covid-19 pandemic is teaching us that we cannot live healthy on a sick planet. That is why it is now up to us to change course and do our utmost to change our development model, making it sustainable from all points of view."

Enrico Giovannini


“Toute réalité est née d’un rêve porté par des pionniers, des visionnaires, des cinéastes qui ont su partager leur idéal. Le Gran Paradiso Film Festival est en cela une source d’inspiration, nous laissant à la fois entrevoir la possible harmonie avec la Nature tout en nous insufflant l’envie que ce précieux respect de l’homme pour la Planète devienne enfin réalité”

SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco