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Nick Rogacki - United States | 2016 | 13’
PANGOLIN is an intimate glimpse into the journey of a single pangolin; from the moment it is taken from the wild to its final destination in China. Filmed on location across three countries with the help of reformed poachers and wildlife enforcement officers, the film acts as a surrogate for an estimated hundred thousand pangolins that are poached and smuggled annually throughout Southeast Asia and Africa. PANGOLIN seeks to inform a broad audience about pangolins and the illegal trade they are central to, in order to address the very real danger that pangolins might be extinct before much of the world ever knew they existed. Filmed with minimal commentary to be as immersive as possible, PANGOLIN offers audiences the opportunity experience the life, death and afterlife of the most illegally trafficked mammal on the planet.


Olga Poliektova, Jaume Quiles - Russia and Spain | 2017 | 2’
Film about big adventure of one small turtle which is trying to find his family.


Silvan der Woerd, Jorik Dozy - Great Britain, Indonesia, Netherlands, Singapore | 2017 | 5’
“Terraform” tells the true story of the hardships and sacrifices the sulphur miners of KawahIjen in Indonesia make in order to provide for their family.

La litière forestière… Un univers inconnu

Patrick Bodu, Jean Pierre Bertrand - France | 2017 | 5’
Autumn is approaching… Slowly the ground becomes a carpet of leaves, life seems to fade away as the first frost settle down… Yet beneath the leaves, cloaked in invisibility, the litterfall swarms with small little creatures, springtails, mites and other arthropods… Within this other dimension, a whole strange universe appears, it is made by multiple landscapes, populated by a microfauna essential for life in the forest.


Ksenia Mihaylenko - Russia | 2017 | 5’
“Touch” is an animated film, which tells us about a great friendship between two absolutely different creatures: beluga whale and puffin. They met each other during bright summer days, but cold winter will test how strong their friendship is.

Big World in a Small Garden

Martin Dohrn - United Kingdom | 2016 | 13’
Natural history filmmaker Martin Dohrn has rigged one-of-a-kind cameras to capture the hectic and complex world of Bristol’s wildlife – all in his own backyard! Watch as he slows down the almost imperceptible movements of the insects that populate his garden, from fascinating winged-species to creeping spiders and much more. With this sort of set-up, his small garden is transformed into an unexplored nature reserve, as dramatic and dynamic as anything seen in the plains of Africa.


Marat Narimanov - Russia | 2016 | 5’
The history of humanity and of our planet in four minutes. An eco-friendly statement developed in a single shot that has it all: humor, action and tragedy.

Against the Grey*

Matt Senior - United Kingdom | 2018 | 10’
Red squirrels are facing extinction in the UK because of a disease that is given to them by grey squirrels. Over the years, people have been trapping and shooting grey squirrels as a means to prevent red squirrels from contracting this disease. However, this has been somewhat controversial, as the grey squirrels aren’t intentionally harming red squirrels. But what if there was another way, a way that could save red squirrels without resulting in the death of grey squirrels?

A sense of wonder

Mathieu Le Lay - France | 2017 | 3’
A vast silence swallows the sound. A kingdom of mountains rise majestically toward the heavens. A call of the wild to a wandering soul. A Sense of Wonder is a cinematic visual poem featuring a lone adventurer who seeks for wonder in the Dolomite mountains.