The Gran Paradiso Film Festival events keep coming: the inauguration of the new immersive Gran Paradiso simulation – climb to the summit in virtual reality

Today was the launch of “Gran Paradiso VR – The experience of Nature” at the Visitors’ Centre of the Gran Paradiso National Park in Valsavarenche. This new immersive installation, designed and built by Fondation Grand Paradis as part of the Interreg PACTA – Promouvoir l’Action Culturelle en Territoire Alpin project, simulates the ascent of the Gran Paradiso summit, reaching 4061m above sea level.  The inauguration was attended by the President of Fondation Grand Paradis, Alessandro Nogara, the Mayor of Valsavarenche, Giuseppe Dupont, the Director of Fondation Grand Paradis, Luisa Vuillermoz, and the President of the Italian Alpine Club – Valle d’Aosta, Piermauro Reboulaz.

The installation, featured in the “GPFF on Show” section of the 23rd Gran Paradiso Film Festival, allows everyone to experience first-hand the climb from the regular trail to the Gran Paradiso massif, which from Valsavarenche leads to the top of the only 4000 metre peak lying entirely within Italian territory. You can take in the views thanks to the 360° images, experience the emotion of carrying out such an interesting and complete ascent, passing through woodland, across pastures, moraines and the glacier, as well as traversing the mountain cleft that leads to the famous statue of Madonna at the summit.

Every summer “Gran Paradiso VR”, which is a mobile installation, will be housed in a different valley of the protected area. The installation was made entirely with European funds and, since the lockdown, it has been adapted to comply with the anti-covid regulations. “Gran Paradiso VR” integrates features of virtual reality, 360° imaging and sensors that detect your hand movements, allowing for contactless interaction with the video.