Winners of the public jury

Prizes to be drawn for Gold Senior jurors

Extracts from the gold jury meeting
A 2-day experience for 2 people in Valsavarenche in the former Royal Hunting Lodge of Orvieille, alongside the researchers of the Gran Paradiso National Park and its surveillance corps: FRANCESCO DE GIGLIO

A 3-night stay for 2 people in the city of Namur during the Festival International Nature Namur with access to all the Festival activities, including the gala evenings: GIANLUIGI FONTANA

Prizes to be drawn GPFF ONLINE

Drawn from jurors registered for GPFF online
No. 1 volume ‘Il Re. Lo Stambecco del Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso’ by Giorgio Marcoaldi: MARCO GAVIGLIO, CONCETTA MILIA, SABINA THOMASSET

Online jurors drawn for the prizes will be able to collect them from the Gran Paradiso National Park Visitor Centre in Cogne, by appointment, no later than 30 September 2023.

The draw for the jury prize winners will take place on 12 August at the award ceremony in Cogne.

For further information please consult the Jury Regulations.